Eye Surgery Claims

As more and more people in the United Kingdom realise the benefits of laser eye surgery, the number of people choosing to have this type of surgery has steadily increased. In most cases, surgery is elective rather than required, and patients should be given a full breakdown of the risks before they agree to have this type of surgery. However, if surgeons do not follow the correct procedures during the surgery, patients can be left with permanent mental and physical damage which can seriously affect their quality of life.

If you have been left with unnecessary pain and suffering following laser eye surgery, then you may be eligible to make a claim for compensation.

What cases may be eligible?

As previously noted, there are risks associated with this type of surgery, and some instances of injuries may not be eligible for compensation. The cases that are most likely to give rise to successful claims are the cases where it is possible to prove that the surgery team failed in their duty of care to the patient. For example, if a laser eye surgeon offers this treatment to a person without explaining the risks properly, and they were aware that the surgery had a high chance of failure, then a claim may be possible.

Claims can also arise if it is shown that surgeons did not take proper steps to safeguard the health of the patient during the surgery or in the aftercare phase. For example, if a surgeon was aware of a problem which arose during the surgery, but they did not take steps to correct this at the time, they can be accused of negligence.

The most common medical side effects associated with laser eye surgery claims include partial or complete blindness, worsening of the initial medical condition, ghost vision, double vision, being left with excessively dry eyes or watery eyes, corneal scarring, and corneal ectasia. In some cases, patients may also develop infections due to the medical practice’s failure to ensure adequate levels of hygiene in the surgery. These infections can lead to serious complications including total blindness and death.

Time limits

It is a good idea to act quickly if you have experienced negligence at the hands of a laser eye surgeon. There are time limits on being able to make a claim, so you should seek help as soon as you can. Making a claim can also prevent the same thing from happening to others, because it can encourage companies to change their practices to make surgery safer. In some serious cases, it can even lead to extremely negligent practitioners being banned from carrying out further operations.

The value of your claim

There is no standard value attributed to laser eye surgery claims. Assessors will take into account the pain and suffering which you have experienced, the cost of rectifying the mistake, any loss of earnings (actual earnings and potential future earnings) and any additional expenses which you have incurred as a result of the botched surgery. This includes the cost of adaptations which you have been forced to make to your property to enable you to cope with your condition.